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Bixby, Gu, and Rothberg leave ILOG

I arrived at the INFORMS Practice Meeting, and one of the first people I met was Bob Bixby. I had heard some rumors, and noticed that the affiliation on his badge was Rice University, so I was eager to chat with him. I wrote about Bixby last year when he was the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer […]

Death of David Gale

David Gale of Berkeley has died at the age of 86.  Though best known as an economist, he did a lot of work in operations research, winning the von Neumann Award (fundamental contribution to theory) and being named one of the inaugural INFORMS Fellows.

Poker and Operations Research

I just attended a fantastic talk by Michael Bowling of the University of Alberta entitled “AI After Dark: Computers Playing Poker” where he described work by the U of A Computer Poker Research Group. Like most artificial intelligence research (particularly in games), there is no veneer of trying to mimic the human brain in this […]

Gene Woolsey and Consulting in Operations Research

Gene Woolsey is one of my favorite people in OR, though I have met him just a couple of times. Gene has very strong views on how OR should be taught, and he implements them at the Colorado School of Mines. A key aspect of his approach is that OR is about doing and solving […]

Soo-Haeng Cho and the Influenza Vaccine

I’ve been back in the US for about six weeks now, and am getting used to being back in my academic life. A sign of the slowness of this transition, however, is that our operations management group here at the Tepper School is hiring a junior faculty person, and I didn’t notice, so I have […]

Death of Mike Rothkopf

Mike Rothkopf, former president of INFORMS, died while swimming on the campus of Penn State. A regular natatorium patron, the 68-year-old supply chain information systems professor appeared to be “just relaxing” — floating on his back — when concerned lifeguards tapped him on the shoulder at about 8 a.m. yesterday, said Tom Griffiths, manager of […]

Andy Boyd, Pricing, and “The Engines of Our Ingenuity”

Andy Boyd, formerly chief scientist of PROS (he is actually still on their scientific board, but is not an active employee) visited CMU today as part of our CART (Center for Analytical Research in Technology) seminar series. He talked about the challenges those in pricing research face. The main point he made is that it […]

Wonderful OR Video, which bills itself as “the go-to place for management” has a wonderful video on operations research, with Vijay Mehrotra from San Francisco State University. Vijay writes the ever-fascinating “Was it Something I Said” column in OR/MS Today, and his site has all his past columns. In the video, Vijay gives three reasons why OR […]

Sheldon Jacobson and OR Videos

The October, 2007 issue of OR/MS Today has a short article by Sheldon Jacobson of the University of Illinois on creating videos about the work he and his lab does. There are two videos: one on pediatric vaccines and one on airline security (I love the variety of work you can do in OR!) (they […]

Death of Lloyd Clarke

Lloyd Clarke of ILOG, who most of us in the linear/integer programming community knew, was killed last week in a bicycling accident. From the ILOG announcement: Lloyd was an active member of the INFORMS community, serving on the advisory council for several INFORMS Practice meetings, and as the industry liaison and practitioner program chair for […]