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What stops you from using Open Source in Operations Research?

In the discussion of CPLEX versus Gurobi software, the discussion took an interesting turn when it came to open source (like that of COIN-OR).  Sebastian, bemoaning the cost of commercial packages such as CPLEX said: I think another long-term way to make OR feasible in situations where the cost of Cplex cannot be justified is […]

New Computer Coming

I just ordered a new computer to replace this one. has done a great job over the last five years, but it is showing its age. The operating system is woefully out of date, causing ever-increasing security problems. Of course, if it gets out of date enough, the machine becomes “secure by obsolescence” as […]

ECLiPSe and Open Source licensing

Excellent news about ECLiPSe, the constraint programming package. It is now been open-sourced under the “Cisco-style Mozilla Public License”. For a while, I had wondered what had happened to the package. It used to be based at IC-Parc/Imperial College London, but that group disappeared all of a sudden, at least from my perspective. To see […]

President Clinton, AIDS and Operations Research

It is heartening to see former President Clinton talk about “Operations Research” and even better to see outside groups see the promise of our field. At an address at the 16th Annual International AIDS Conference, President Clinton announced a new Consortium for Strategic HIV Operations Research. From the transcript (page 13/14): Second point I want […]

Open Source and Optimization

I am attending a conference at DIMACS on COIN-OR, which is an activity to encourage and support open source development in operations research. At the moment, most of COIN-OR revolves around linear and integer programming codes, but there are efforts in nonlinear programming, metaheuristics, and other areas. COIN-OR addresses one of my pet peeves about […]