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IBM Completes Purchase of ILOG

IBM has now completed its purchase of ILOG.  From the “ILOG, an IBM Company” press release: ARMONK,NY and PARIS – January 6, 2009. IBM (NYSE: IBM) today announced the completion of its approximately $340 million USD (EUR 215 million) tender offer for the shares of ILOG (NASDAQ: ILOG) (PARIS: ILO) (ISIN: FR0004042364). The tender offer, […]

IBM and ILOG merger cleared by EU

The EU cleared the proposed merger between IBM and ILOG.  From the announcement: Therefore, the condition regarding receipt of all necessary antitrust clearances, approvals and decisions from the European Union has been fulfilled and there are no remaining regulatory approvals or conditions to which the tender offers are subject other than the minimum tender condition […]

Interest in ILOG

The “Official Response Document” that ILOG prepared (and posted on their Investor Relations site) responding to IBM’s offer is fascinating reading.  I particularly liked the “Historical Background” (pages 5-10) that begins with IBM’s orginal contacts with ILOG.  From an initial discussion of IBM’s licensing ILOG’s rules software in late 2006, ILOG seemed to quickly come […]

Happy Birthday CPLEX

More than 20 years ago, Bob Bixby decided the world needed a better linear programming code. This wasn’t a particularly obvious decision. First, there were already existing linear programming codes. Second, linear programming implementation was not exactly a hot research topic. Third, Bixby was not particularly known in this area. A typical paper for Bixby […]

Gurobi goes live

I had previously written about the exit of Gu, Rothberg, and Bixby from Ilog. I was curious where they would end up: Google, IBM, Yahoo? Somehow, I thought they would be together, but where? That has now been answered. Gurobi Optimization has gone live today. From their page: Gurobi Optimization is in the business of […]

Further Consolidation of Optimization Companies

i2 Technologies is going to be acquired by JDA Software for $346 million, continuing a wave of acquisitions in the optimization world (including ILOG and Dash). While this acquisition stays within the “supply chain optimization” space, it does cut down on the number of independent players. Manufacturing Business Technology makes an excellent point in the […]

Dash in FairIsaac

“A.L.” who frequently posts on sci.op-research notes To improve service for Xpress-MP users even further, Fair Isaac closed Dash office in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. This is what recorded message says when office number is called. Guys from this office are still available and working from their basements. The question is for how long. I sent […]

Word from ILOG on CPLEX

John Gregory, ILOG CPLEX Product Manager, posted this on sci.op-research: The July 28 announcement of the agreement by IBM and ILOG was a surprise to all but a few key members of the two companies. It will take literally months, not days, before this transaction will be completed. Until then an arm’s-length relationship must continue […]

More on IBM/ILOG

Lots of activity on the IBM purchase of ILOG, with most concentrating on the business rules aspect, which seems to be a driving force. A reader, in a comment, pointed to an article from InternetNews, quoting IBM’s Sandy Carter, VP of SOA (see: Ratliff was right. SOA is important!). Here is what Sandy says about […]

IBM to acquire ILOG

News from IBM: they are set to acquire ILOG. Among other things, ILOG makes CPLEX, one of the best linear and integer programming codes out there. Together with the previous purchase of Dash by Fair-Isaac, this means much of the operations research software world has changed hands in the last few months. It is interesting […]