Listing of OR Blogs

Here are the Operations Blogs included in the “Operations Blogs” feed.  Please let me know about others (!  Note that the URLs are for the feeds, not for the blogs themselves.

Café Opt
Dual Noise: Welcome to the Toolers Tab
Farkas Dilemma
Gestión de Operaciones
Healthy Algorithms
Human Centered OR
IT Best Kept Secret Is Optimization
Jay and Barry’s OM Blog
John F. Raffensperger
Journal of the Operational Research Society
Kevin Gue
Learn and Teach Statistics and Operations Research
Market Design
Maximize Productivity with Industrial Engineer Tools
Michael Trick’s Operations Research Blog
My Constraint Programming Blog
Nathan Brixius
Naval Research Logistics (NRL)
O.R. by the Beach
Operations Research Forum
Operations Research with SAS
OR at Work
OR Complete
OR in an OB World
OR in Devon, UK
OR4NR Operational Research for the natural resource industries
Pro Bono OR
Punk Rock Operations Research
Scattered thoughts from a scattered mind
Somethink to Chew On » Professional
Spaghetti Optimization
Spaghetti Optimization
Supply Chain Network Design
The Operations Room
The Quest for Optimality
Thiago Serra
ThinkOR – Think Operations Research
Thirty letters in my name
Thoughts on business, engineering and higher education
Type Three Error
Yet Another Math Programming Consultant

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