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Looking for Another Editor!

I am on the search committee to find Matt Saltzman’s successor as Editor-in-Chief of INFORMS Online. I was the first such editor, then Matt took over for the last six years. It was great being the first editor (1995-2000): there was so much to do that anything we did was better than what we had. Matt has worked hard to bring IOL up to a higher professional level, so now the webpage doesn’t look like something an amateur put together in an afternoon (which is what I did!). Behind the scenes, Matt and his team put IOL on a much stronger technical base.

Now, after 11 years, even the role of IOL Editor is undergoing change. Why have an OR professional be the Editor of IOL? After all, the Editor of OR/MS Today is not an OR professional: he is a journalist. Should IOL be any different?

I think having an OR person as editor of IOL is still very valuable. The goal of IOL is to create community, and outsiders would have a hard time figuring out what community would be valuable to an OR/MS person. What we need is a technologically savvy person with a broad interest in OR and advancing the field.

This position is absolutely key to INFORMS and to our field in general. I hope there are many applications, and many thoughtful discussions of the role of Editor of IOL.

The full Call for Nominations is here:

Call for Nominations

Editor-in-Chief, INFORMS OnLine

Deadline for Nominations: August 31, 2006

The second and final term of Matthew J. Saltzman as Editor-in-Chief of INFORMS OnLine (IOL) expires on December 31, 2006. Based on recommendations from the INFORMS Information Technology Committee, the president of INFORMS has appointed a committee to conduct a search for a new Editor-in-Chief. The committee intends to propose a candidate for approval by INFORMS no later than September 30, 2006.

All members of INFORMS are invited to participate in this process. The committee seeks your opinions on the current status of IOL, your recommendations for change, as well as your nomination of candidates for Editor-in-Chief.

Qualifications for the Editor-in-Chief of IOL include, foremost, a demonstrated interest in a broad range of issues surrounding management and development of a state-of-the-art website/portal in support of INFORMS, a record of active involvement with the INFORMS community, and a prominent record of research in OR/MS. Additional qualifications include:

· dedication and enthusiasm for IOL

· a vision of the role of IOL in support of all INFORMS activities

· understanding the rapidly evolving nature of internet-based communications

· understanding what technology, new and old, can be used to advance IOL

· good judgment about communication quality

· significant experience with efficient and effective website management

· ability to work closely with INFORMS staff, volunteers, IOL Associate Editors, and outside organizations

· commitment to the workload involved

· the support and encouragement of her/his employer

Further information about IOL can be obtained at IOL itself,

In addition to nominations the committee would value the input of the INFORMS membership on IOL:

· What do you see as the current status of IOL?

· What are things you like (and dislike) about IOL?

· What would be your recommendations for change to IOL?

· Do you have any other comments on IOL or the search for its next EiC?

Members of the search committee are: David Kelton, University of Cincinnati (chair); Matthew Saltzman, Clemson University (representing the INFORMS IT Committee); John Chinneck, Carleton University; Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University; and Michael Trick, Carnegie Mellon University.

Opinions and recommendations are welcome at any time and may be communicated to the chair of the search committee:

David Kelton

Department of Quantitative Analysis and Operations Management

University of Cincinnati

Cincinnati, Ohio 45221-0130, USA

Phone +1-513-556-6834; Fax +1-513-556-5499

Please submit nominations by August 31, 2006. Nominating statements should consist of a summary of the nominee’s qualifications and experience. Self-nominations are also welcome and should include a resume and a brief statement of the candidate’s vision and plans for IOL. Materials should be sent to the search committee chair, by e-mail to

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