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Pittsburgh INFORMS information

We are about 6 weeks away from the Pittsburgh INFORMS conference.  On the plus side, we have been blessed with outstanding local and global support (ILOG has supported upgraded conference bags, SmartOps has sponsored a new Tuesday reception, IBM Center for Business Optimization has sponsored a new Prize Ceremony and much, much more).  On the minus side, I hope readers here have hotel rooms, since the city is definitely filling up!

Pittsburgh has a lot to offer.  The local committee is putting together a local guide.  If you have been here (or live here now!) and have comments to offer, please let me know and I will update the guide.

We now have receptions for all of Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday (November 5, 6, and 7).  If you are one of the first dozen or so people to find me at the reception and say “Hey Mike, I read your blog”, I will be happy to buy you a drink!

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  1. Yang Sun | October 2, 2006 at 4:51 am | Permalink

    The local guide is cool. Thank you.

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