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Looks like we are getting a few more operations research blogs. Laura McLay of Virginia Commonwealth has a “Punk Rock Operations Research” blog. I particularly like her post on “Humanitarian Logistics“, based on the work of Dave Goldsman of Georgia Tech. Here is an excerpt:

The talk summarized some of Dr. Goldman’s experiences in applying simulation to problems in health clinic management/flow and the spread of Guinea worms in Africa. Guinea worms are particularly interesting. Guinea worms are parasites that are contracted by drinking contaminated water. Once contracted, they eat their way out of the body and reproduce. Breaking the chain results in extermination. This can be easily accomplished by filtering water. However, because of the civil war in Sudan, many soldiers walk home, contracting Guinea worms along the way. Finding a strategy for targeting resources is important for completely eradicating the Guinea worm. The research was funded by the Carter Center, and apparently, Jimmy Carter’s work has nearly eradicated the Guinea worm already.

There was a series of articles in the New York Times a few months ago on the various parasites that plague the world: the pictures ruined a number of breakfasts at the Trick house. I am glad to see that OR may be helping with this problem.

Good to see the blog, and into the “blogroll” it goes!

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