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INFORMS Podcasts on Crunching the Numbers

INFORMS (and its Director of Communications, Barry List) has been putting out podcasts on operations research oriented topics every couple of weeks for the past few months.  The title of the series is “Science of Better:  Crunching the Numbers”.  According to the site, this is:

A series of podcasts with unexpected insights into the way that math, analytics, and operations research affect people like you and organizations like your own. In every segment, an expert explains how he or she changed the world by crunching the numbers.

They now have a good collection of topics. The most recent podcast is with Larry Wein, who talks about homeland security, terrorism, and, of course, operations research.  Previous podcasts include a discussion on how analytics can help battle HIV/AIDS, how to understand the economy using supply chain concepts, how INTEL uses operations research to make decisions, and how to save on health care costs with OR.  I look forward to seeing what Barry has next for us!

At 20-30 minutes each, the five current podcasts are just the things to have on your mp3 player for long flights.

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  1. Siah | August 11, 2009 at 4:48 pm | Permalink

    I listened to the INTEL a couple of weeks ago, these are great podcasts especially for students. I will listen to this one as soon as I get home

    (I haven’t listened to this one yet, but as an Iranian I always find the algorithmic approach to finding terrorists a failure, In the airport their false positive always falls on me) #fail

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