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Become Famous by Winning the COIN-OR Cup!

COIN-OR_CMYK-296Do you use COIN-OR (open source software for operations research)?  According to the log files, lots and lots of people do!  If you are doing something interesting with COIN-OR and are planning to attend the San Diego INFORMS Meeting, I strongly encourage you to enter the COIN-OR Cup!  You could join John Forrest, Jonathan Eckstein+Bill Hart+Cindy Phillips, John Tomlin and the team from the Environmental Protection Agency + Sandia National Labs (including Jonathan Berry) as a winner of this prestigious Cup!  Fame and drinks will be yours forever!  Despite appearances, you do not need a John or Jonathan on your team to win, though it seems to help.

More seriously, if you have used COIN-OR in a neat application (or have advanced COIN-OR in a significant direction), it would be great to hear about it through an application for the award.  This would let the COIN people know of all the great ways the software is being used and help bring together the COIN-OR community.  The deadline is October 2, so don’t delay.  And thanks to IBM for sponsoring the reception (which is always a real highlight for the whole COIN-OR community).

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