New Use for Abstracts

For a previous post on data mining, I received the following comment from “liseli bakire”:

The purpose of this article is to investigate some managerial insights related to using the all-unit quantity discount policies under various conditions. The models developed here are general treatments that deal with four major issues: (a) one buyer or multiple buyers, (b) constant or price-elastic demand, (c) the relationship between the supplier’s production schedule or ordering policy and the buyers’ ordering sizes, and (d) the supplier either purchasing or manufacturing the item. The models are developed with two objectives: the supplier’s profit improvement or the supplier’s increased profit share analysis. Algorithms are developed to find optimal decision policies. Our analysis provides the supplier with both the optimal all-unit quantity discount policy and the optimal production (or ordering) strategy. Numerical examples are provided. © 1993 John Wiley & Sons. Inc.

Looks vaguely relevant, though not really pertinent to the topic.  My spam filter had no chance on it:  it passed it through as legit.  But why this abstract?  Ah, “liseli” has a porn site linked to the name (and it turns out the name means “high school virgins” in Turkish).  All part of the cat and mouse game as people try to get links on to the all-powerful “Michael Trick’s Operations Research Blog”.   But extra points for actually using an operations research oriented abstract!

By the way, the paper with that abstract is by Kevin Weng and Richard Wong, “General models for the supplier’s all-unit quantity discount policy, Naval Research Logistics, 1993.  Looks like an interesting paper!

One thought on “New Use for Abstracts”

  1. I’m pretty sure I read it years ago, and I’m pretty sure it’s thoroughly unrelated to your original post. I did some related work years ago, and I don’t recall any virgins being involved (although I’d have to check with my co-author to be certain).

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