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More patent madness!

Gecode is one of the key development platforms in constraint programming.  On the gecode-user’s list, Christian Schulte announced the reason for a new release of the software: We have been informed by one of the patent holders that LDS (limited discrepancy search) is patented in the United States of America. While this does not pose […]

Personal Blogs, Personal Views

William Patry, Google’s Senior Copyright Counsel, is ending his blog “The Patry Copyright Blog“. That sentence, in short, gives one of the two reasons he is ending the blog (the other is the horrid state of copyright law, in his view). Patry is a long time copyright lawyer who started the blog while in private […]

Operations Research in the Air

My colleague Steve Spear has a posting on the “Against Monopoly” blog (not against the board game, but commentary on intellectual property issues) regarding a New Yorker article entitled “In the Air” by Malcolm Gladwell. Gladwell makes the point that many advances have been simultaneously made by multiple groups. From the discovery of dinosaur bones […]

More on patents: constraint programming

Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons has continued to search the patent database for interesting patents. Here is one given in 2000 to i2: US patent 6,031,984 Method and apparatus for optimizing constraint models February 29, 2000 A computer implemented system (40) for optimizing a constraint model (52) includes a memory (46) for storing the constraint model […]

Patents and Operations Research

There is an article today in the New York Times on the fight the CEO of Audible (one of my favorite companies: listening to a book read by a skilled reader is a completely different experience than reading a book) is having against companies who claim Audible is infringing on a patent. These “patent trolls” […]