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Summary of Quantum Computing

Scott Aaronson, whose writings I both admire and am jealous of, has an article in the month’s Scientific American on the limits of quantum computing.  He has posted a preliminary version of the paper on his site.  I found this extremely useful in trying to make sense of what quantum computing can and can’t do.  […]

New CPLEX out

I got an email last week from a PR firm asking whether I would be willing to talk to some ILOG people about the upcoming release of CPLEX 11. Made me feel like a real journalist! Since I am unfortunately missing the Seattle INFORMS (the 12 hour flights from Auckland to LA are killing!), I […]

New Computer Coming

I just ordered a new computer to replace this one. has done a great job over the last five years, but it is showing its age. The operating system is woefully out of date, causing ever-increasing security problems. Of course, if it gets out of date enough, the machine becomes “secure by obsolescence” as […]