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Make Amazon work Better

… if you are qualified, that is. I don’t normally post job ads on the blog:  there are other outlets for that.   But I have a few reasons for posting this one: I have always been interested in the operations research issues that Amazon faces.  How can they get so much stuff to me […]

Operations Research: Growth Industry!

NPR has a nice graphic for where job growth will occur in the next decade based on US Bureau of Labor Statistics data (the NPR site is much cooler than the graphic above). Now, operations research is a little small to appear as a dot on its own, but if you look at that little […]

Operations Research as a path to academic administration

For most young researchers, administration is a word filled with horror.  Why would anyone want to be an academic administrator when you could spend your days exploring the wonder of operations research?  And many days, I (a not so young researcher) agree with them.  There is almost nothing better than spending time thinking, writing code, […]

Who Knows Where Operations Research Will Lead You?

One of the nice aspects of working in operations research is that you can end up working in practically any field. I know a lot about the United States Postal Service, Major League Baseball, auction design, voting systems, and many other areas because that is where my research and reading in operations research took me. […]

Faculty Positions Down Under

Natashia Boland recently noted that I was the “very first to publicise” the fact that she was leaving the University of Melbourne to take up a Professorship at the University of Newcastle in Australia. I think that phrasing is her polite way of saying I jumped the gun in posting that she was leaving. To […]

NSF Program Director Position Open

Stephen Nash’s term as Program Director for Operations Research at the National Science Foundation is coming to an end. The position is announced here, with a target date of looking at applications of April 1. The “Engineering Design” position is also open. I think this position is a very interesting one. The responsibilities (from the […]

Slashdot discussion on “High Paying Jobs in Math and Science”

Slashdot is having a very active discussion (naturally degenerating into nonsense at times, but generally pretty good) about high paying jobs for those will a college degree in math or science. Operations research gets a good plug or two among the discussants. One response (from “MoneyCityManiac”): Applied math is a good bet. Operations Research (“OR”), […]

Operations Research Job Prospects

Money Magazine and have a ranking of 166 job titles, based on salary and job prospects. I was happy to see “College Professor” as the second best job (good salary, good growth, lots of freedom). Having Operations Research Analyst mired in roughly 120th place (out of 166) was less fun to see. The salary […]

Operations Research and CIOs

United Airlines now has a CIO who is also responsible for operations research and other activities. This seems a natural, if somewhat unusual move (OR is often under manufacturing, operations or some other structure). OR is all about using information, and as firms realize the value of information (and CIOs) is in their ability to […]

PhD salaries

Forbes magazine has an article about the lack of mathematically trained US workers. Most of the article is about outsourcing, but the issue of starting salaries came up: A person fresh from graduate school with a Ph.D. in operations research can make $90,000 at SAS Institute–far less than the $150,000-plus salaries top MBAs can command. […]