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Entrepreneurial Operations Research Jobs

Since Operations Research is a very practical field, it is not surprising that companies often spin out of universities led by OR professors.  SmartOps was started by my colleague Sridhar Tayur, LogicTools was founded by MIT Professor David Simchi-Levi, former INFORMS President Don Kleinmuntz founded Strata Decision Technologies, and on and on.  Entrepreneurship and Operations […]

Summer Internship at IBM Research, AI for Optimization Group

Just saw this announcement of a summer internship A summer internship position is available for 2013 in the “AI for Optimization” group within the Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences department at IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York.  The internship will last for about 3 months and will be scheduled between March and October, […]

Operations Research and a Baseball Job

Analytics is getting to be more and more important in sports, and sports teams and leagues are looking to people with analytical skills to fill key roles in their organizations.   The MIT Sports Analytics conference is a big deal, attracting more than 2000 attendees, with an active job placement service.  The MBAs at my […]

Come work at Carnegie Mellon!

I teach (and, now, administrate) in the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.  Unlike most engineering-oriented universities, CMU does not have an Industrial (or Systems) Engineering department, so operations research people are scattered throughout the university.  The Tepper contingent is a big one (senior faculty include Balas, Cornuejols, and Hooker) and is augmented […]

Learn Operations Research, Make Millions

Russ Ohlendorf received his bachelors degree in 2006 and now, a mere five years later, he will be making $2.025 million in 2011.  The degree was in operations research and financial engineering at Princeton.  It just goes to show how far you can go in operations research:  salaries in the millions are possible! Perhaps Russ […]

Postdocs and Special Year at the IMA

In 1987-88, I spent a great year in Minneapolis as a postdoc at the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications (and this picture of me comes from that time). Every year at the IMA has a special theme, and the theme my year was “Applied Combinatorics”. There were about a dozen of us postdocs that […]

OR Job at Waste Management

I don’t normally do job postings on this blog:  there is OR/MS Today and INFORMS Job Placement Service and so on for that, but sometimes a job catches my eye.  A company is looking for a Masters level OR specialist to provide analysis for them.  They run a nice sized network:  hundreds of sources and […]

Are You Ready to Lead INFORMS?

INFORMS is looking for a new Executive Director. This is a full-time staff position, unlike the volunteer elected positions like President and the various Vice-Presidencies. This position is one of the most important in our field, and certainly the most important job that does not require a PhD in operations research (though such a degree […]

NSF Operations Research Position open

The National Science Foundation is looking for a program director for operations research. I wrote about this position the last time it came open, when Robert Smith became director. The NSF is incredibly important to the health of the field of operations research. In addition to the “regular” grant activities (CAREER grants and basic research […]

Summer Internship at Solver Foundation

I get a fair number of emails of the sort “I am studying at ….and I would like to work under your supervision as a summer intern”.  Most of the time they go on to say things like “I want to work under your supervision on stochastic optimization, supply chains, e-commerce” or an of a […]