Summer Internship at IBM Research, AI for Optimization Group

Just saw this announcement of a summer internship

A summer internship position is available for 2013 in the “AI for Optimization” group within the Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences department at IBM Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, New York.  The internship will last for about 3 months and will be scheduled between March and October, 2013.

Candidates should be exceptional Masters or PhD students in Computer Science and related areas, and not have already received their PhD by the internship start date.  The successful candidate is expected to have strong interest and some experience in one or more of the following:

 +  Developing Novel Technologies based on AI and OR to advance the state of the art in combinatorial optimization (e.g., Heuristic Search, Mixed Integer Programming (MIP), Linear Programming (LP), Satisfiability (SAT))

 +  Robust Parallelization of search-based algorithms (e.g., using parallel Branch&Bound; information exchange) exploiting novel computing architectures such as BlueGene, multi-core end-user machines, large compute clusters, and the Cloud

 +  Advancing Simulation-Based Optimization approaches to solve real-world problems and/or to improve optimization methods themselves by, e.g., employing techniques from Machine Learning, Local Search, and Genetic Algorithms for automated algorithm selection and parameter tuning

 +  Applications of Optimization to Analytics, Production Modeling, Sustainability, Systems, and Databases

Interested candidates should send their CV as well as names and contact information of at least two references to all of the following:

Ashish Sabharwal []
Horst Samulowitz []
Meinolf Sellmann []

I wish I didn’t already have my PhD!

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