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NSF Program Directors

I see from the INFORMS eNews that NSF is looking for new Program Directors for both Operations Research and Manufacturing Enterprise Systems/Service Enterprise Systems.  Needless to say, these are critical positions for the operations research community.  And, reading Robert Sloan’s article about his stint in computing theory at NSF, it sounds like a fun job! […]

Get Money from Google for Operations Research, in Europe anyway

Google seems to be getting the idea that operations research has a lot to add to the company.  This is a long way from the time where I got the following response from a google software engineer at an information systems conference: “Integer programming?  I tried it:  it doesn’t work”.  Oh, really? This change is […]

Passwords and Reviewing

I was asked to review a proposal today.  Right now, I am feeling a little overwhelmed:  I have a new administrative position (“Senior Associate Dean, Education”) which involves, among 1000 other things, using a 25 year old computer program (ahh, ms-dos days!), I have some sports schedules that have to get out, I have a […]

NSF Operations Research Position open

The National Science Foundation is looking for a program director for operations research. I wrote about this position the last time it came open, when Robert Smith became director. The NSF is incredibly important to the health of the field of operations research. In addition to the “regular” grant activities (CAREER grants and basic research […]

NSF on Twitter

Following up on my issues with twitter, (like why?), the National Science Foundation has its own twitter account.  What a great way to get word out about all the great stuff the NSF does!  This is something professional societies (like INFORMS) should emulate.  I don’t think my own life is interesting enough for an hour […]

Visual Display of the Stimulus Package

Further to the $787 billion stimulus package (or 78 NSF Stimulus Package, as I like to call it), my finance colleague Bryan Routledge has done a wordle of the summary of the appropriations bill. Here it is (from There is a lot to like in that picture. Certainly “science”, “research”, “grants” and “billion” go […]

I want my 78 NSFs!

Three times a day, I trek across campus with a group of colleagues, most of whom are in finance and economics.  Conversation, not surprisingly, has often been on the financial mess the world is in.  How different the world would be if people in operations research ruled the world!  We’d need a little more centralization, […]

Robert Smith new NSF OR Program Director

Robert Smith of the University of Michigan is the new program director for OR at the National Science Foundation. If you see him, be sure to congratulate him, and ask him for some money!

NSF Program Director Position Open

Stephen Nash’s term as Program Director for Operations Research at the National Science Foundation is coming to an end. The position is announced here, with a target date of looking at applications of April 1. The “Engineering Design” position is also open. I think this position is a very interesting one. The responsibilities (from the […]