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Get Money from Google for Operations Research, in Europe anyway

Google seems to be getting the idea that operations research has a lot to add to the company.  This is a long way from the time where I got the following response from a google software engineer at an information systems conference: “Integer programming?  I tried it:  it doesn’t work”.  Oh, really? This change is […]

Operations Research: The Sort of Decisions That Will Get You Fired

I just saw an ad for “Moneyball”, a new movie based on the book by Michael Lewis. A baseball manager (Billy Beane of the Oakland Athletics) used analytics (“Sabremetrics” in the baseball world) to choose players who were undervalued by the rest of the baseball world.  Beane had a constrained optimization problem:  he had to […]

Another Operations Research Challenge: ROADEF, EURO, and Google

I am a big fan of “challenges” in operations research.  Almost twenty years ago, I ran a DIMACS Challenge on finding cliques, coloring graphs and solving satisfiability problems.  That challenge gave a clear picture of where we were then in those areas and showed the variety of approaches possible for those three problems.  I also  […]

New Optimization Software Version: Gurobi

The INFORMS Practice Meeting has become a good place for optimization software firms to announce their new versions. Gurobi is first off the mark with an announcement of version 3.0. New aspects include better use of multiple cores in the barrier solver and what looks to be significant improvements to the mixed integer programming solver. […]

Free IBM/ILOG Software…

… if you are an academic. As part of the “blue-washing” of ILOG, the academic licensing system for IBM’s OPL Studio, constraint programming system, and CPLEX has changed to become part of IBM’s Academic Initiative Program.  Here is the full announcement: Effective February 15, 2010, IBM is offering no-charge full-version ILOG Optimization products via IBM’s […]

Open Source = Geek?

The parent of has decided to become Geeknet, Inc (how much did they have to pay for, I wonder). I have mixed feelings on this.  On one hand, I am trying to learn from Wil Wheaton and embrace my inner geek.  I have done this so well that my colleagues tell me my […]

Solver Foundation Version 2 Announced

Just in time for the INFORMS Meeting in San Diego, the Microsoft Solver Foundation folks have announced Solver Foundation Version 2. I am particularly excited about this since I have promised (and have been negligent about) a new course this year entitled “Operations Research Implementations” aimed at our MBA students. The idea is to go […]

Gurobi 2.0 Released

Version 2.0 of the Gurobi Optimizer has been released. Since it was only about a year ago that I first blogged about Gurobi, it has moved along very quickly. The “horse race” between Gurobi, IBM, and FICO doesn’t have a simple answer, but it is clear that Gurobi is competitive with the other two solvers, […]

Mittelmann’s Benchmarks CPLEX verus Gurobi

Hans Mittelmann has some new benchmarks comparing CPLEX 12.1 with GUROBI 1.1.2 on various mixed integer linear programming instances (I last wrote on these benchmarks last January with earlier versions of both codes:  be sure to check out the comments from that post since many of those comments apply to this also).  He covers both […]

Bluewashing Complete!

Two things happened to me last week with regards to IBM/ILOG (a topic I have written about quite a bit): I was on a conference call with an ILOG person and I said, jokingly, “Is that XXX from ILOG, an IBM Company?”.  His reply:  “Nope, just XXX from IBM”.  The “ILOG, an IBM Company” phrasing […]