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NSF on Twitter

Following up on my issues with twitter, (like why?), the National Science Foundation has its own twitter account.  What a great way to get word out about all the great stuff the NSF does!  This is something professional societies (like INFORMS) should emulate.  I don’t think my own life is interesting enough for an hour by hour update, but NSF is certainly interesting to follow.

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  1. Dave Saunders | April 24, 2009 at 12:12 am | Permalink

    It would be nice if IETF workgroups had official tweet streams for new drafts and RFCs. Who knows how Twitter will thrive or whither now that the celebrities are jumping on and Twitter is trying to dictate how the service is “naturally used.” Perhaps the next incarnation of Twitter will show us something even more addictive.

    Some of the innovative uses of Twitter remind me of custom SNMP MIBs from the 90s.