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Faculty Positions Down Under

Natashia Boland recently noted that I was the “very first to publicise” the fact that she was leaving the University of Melbourne to take up a Professorship at the University of Newcastle in Australia. I think that phrasing is her polite way of saying I jumped the gun in posting that she was leaving. To make up for that faux pas, let me do my part to make sure everyone knows she is hiring  faculty for her group. From the announcement:

The University of Newcastle (Australia) is embarking on an ambitious
programme of building research strengths in applied and computational
mathematics, including a particular focus on operations research/
optimization. Under the leadership of two new professors, Prof. Natashia
Boland and Visiting Prof. Jon Borwein, the University intends to create a
world-leading research activity. The University is now undertaking a
world-wide search for faculty to join the team.

I have not been to Newcastle, but it sounds like an interesting city:

The main campus is located in the city of Newcastle, on the coast about
two hours drive north from Sydney. The School of Mathematical and Physical
Sciences provides a stimulating and supportive environment for research
and teaching, with ample opportunities for collaborative research
partnerships both within the university and with industry. Although well
known for its beautiful beaches and pleasant climate, Newcastle is also
home to a significant port, and Australia’s largest coal-handling
terminal. Newcastle is also at the gateway of one of Australia’s largest
wine-growing regions, the Hunter valley. It is also home to top-class
medical and medical research facilities, affiliated with the University,
which is ranked 63 in the world for biomedical research. Thus
opportunities for research in shipping, transportation, mineral resources,
agriculture, health and medicine abound.

Interested? Check it out:

Applications received before Monday 28th April 2008 will receive full
consideration. To apply, please follow the instructions available at

Look for position numbers 923 (Senior Lecturer) and 924 (Lecturer), as

Professor Natashia Boland
The University of Newcastle
Callaghan, NSW 2308
(currently best contacted at for enquiries)

As I pointed out in my original post on Natashia, I think she chooses very good problems to work on, and I think she would make a great colleague to work with.

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