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Rothkopf’s Rankings of University Contributions to the Practice Literature

Mike Rothkopf has just published his sixth ranking of universities in publishing in the practice of operations research in the journal Interfaces (subscription required to access full paper). The definition of “practice” is naturally a complicated thing: most OR people (myself included) claim relevance to practice on pretty slim connections. For this ranking, “practice” means publishing either in Interfaces or in the OR Practice area of Operations Research. My own school, Carnegie Mellon, came out on top with 10 such publications (1998-2004). The next part of the rankings are
2. University of Pennsylvania
3 (tie). Georgia Institute of Technology and Naval Postgraduate School
5. Cornell, Stanford, University of Texas at Austin, and University of Virginia

Non-US schools are ranked separately. Top is Erasmus University with 7 papers (same as Cornell, etc. on the US list).