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{ Monthly Archives } September 2006

Pittsburgh INFORMS information

We are about 6 weeks away from the Pittsburgh INFORMS conference.  On the plus side, we have been blessed with outstanding local and global support (ILOG has supported upgraded conference bags, SmartOps has sponsored a new Tuesday reception, IBM Center for Business Optimization has sponsored a new Prize Ceremony and much, much more).  On the […]

More on patents: constraint programming

Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons has continued to search the patent database for interesting patents. Here is one given in 2000 to i2: US patent 6,031,984 Method and apparatus for optimizing constraint models February 29, 2000 A computer implemented system (40) for optimizing a constraint model (52) includes a memory (46) for storing the constraint model […]

Patents and Operations Research

There is an article today in the New York Times on the fight the CEO of Audible (one of my favorite companies: listening to a book read by a skilled reader is a completely different experience than reading a book) is having against companies who claim Audible is infringing on a patent. These “patent trolls” […]