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Bloggers and OR

I try to keep up with people in OR who are blogging, but even with sites like technorati, I fear I am missing some. So if you are an OR blogger, don’t hesitate to let me know directly!

On that note, Scholarships around the US is offering a $5,000 scholarship for the best student blog. One requirement:

Your blog must contain unique and interesting information about you and/or things you are passionate about.

Well of course if you are blogging about OR, you are by definition writing about interesting things and you will naturally be passionate! I don’t know anything about this group, but they seem on the up-and-up (the site is certainly 95% useful and 5% ads, rather than the reverse).

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  1. Francisco Marco-Serrano | November 3, 2006 at 1:38 pm | Permalink

    Dear Sir,

    I joined INFORMS about 2 years ago just to keep it moving (my hobby: OR) although I’m not quite an active member. I decided to start blogging Feb 2005 as a measure of expressing myself in this OR-world, and for getting educated in the art of writting in the byte world and keeping used to writte a little every month.

    Well, please let me tell you how pleased I was to appear in the same list where your Blog was mentioned last February in ORMS Today.


    F Marco-Serrano

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