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Happy Birthday to the Blog!

I started this blog on October 26, 2005. Now, after a year (and a couple of days; Ask my family: this is pretty normal for me!), it’s a good time to take stock. I’ve had 92 posts (93 counting this one) in that year, which seems like a reasonable number. The most common tags I have applied are “Applications”, “INFORMS”, and “OR in the Press” (often on the same posting), which matches up with my view that a primary use of the blog is to bring people’s attention to the usefulness of OR.

I’ve had about 8000 visitors to the blog, which seems pretty good. Not up with the big boys (sites like BoingBoing) with millions of visitors, but ahead of lots of sites. The visitors have provided some commentary activity (69 comments, about half from me). I only have eight other blogs linking to me (ranking the blog 316,042 at Technorati) so I need to get the blogrolling thing going better.

It is amazing the amount of spam comments that are generated. My system has protection against such comments (Akismet) and it has caught 2,205 (!) spam comments. Without such a system, it is clearly impossible to run a blog with open comments.
Thanks for reading!

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