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Google Reader and Operations Research

I has been some months now since Google has announced the end of Google Reader.  I have gone through many of the stages of grief (getting stuck at “Anger” for a while) and am now entering acceptance. Personally, I have no problem with Feedly or one of the other readers.  But there is another aspect of […]

A Belated Happy Birthday to the Blog!

This blog was begun on October 24, 2005, so it had its fourth birthday a couple of weeks ago.  As my family knows, I am not great with birthdays, so I managed to forget it.  But, better late than never, Happy Birthday to Michael Trick’s Operations Research Blog! Here’s what I wrote last year about […]

Moving on to San Diego (both my blog and I)

I’ll be guest blogging at the INFORMS Conference in San Diego, so I’ll be posting over there for the next few days. There are 12 guest bloggers, so the conference should get some pretty good coverage.  I’ve got a news feed on my main page sidebar trying to track the blog, twitter feed, hash tags, […]

Usage and Reddit

For the most part, I don’t live or die on the number of readers of this blog.  I’m not making money off this, so extra readers don’t  have a direct effect.  Of course, I am gratified that people want to read this:  since one of my goals is to make operations research more famous, it […]

Merry Christmas all!

For those who celebrate Christmas, a Merry Christmas to you.  Have an optimal holiday! Some unexpected travel filled the month so far, but I’ll be back to posting on the operations research world in the next few days.

Off on a trip

I leave tomorrow for Europe (flying the new airline Open Skies to Amsterdam).  I first go to Oslo to visit Sintef then off to Cork for a visit to my favorite research institute 4C.  I am sure I’ll find something to blog about during the week!

New Design

There is now a new design for the page. I wanted to find something that made the “comments” a little more obvious. Further, I think a new design every three years is not too much. I would appreciate your thoughts on this, even if (especially if) you hate it. One other change is that the […]

Happy Birthday to the Blog!

This is the blog’s third birthday!  It has been an exciting year, both personally and in the world of operations research.  Personally, at this time last year, I was in New Zealand, waiting for the weather to warm up and wanting to get back in the water.  Since then, we have returned to the US, […]

Update on the blog-or-sphere get-together

I have confirmation from bloggers Laura McLay (Punk Rock Operations Research), Aurelie Thiele (Thoughts on Business, Engineering, and Higher Education), and Bill Hart (William E. Hart’s Blog) that they will be at booth 504 (the Coin-OR booth) at 8PM on Sunday at the INFORMS DC meeting (or at least will try hard to do so). […]

Meet at INFORMS?

I had meant to do something a little more formal for the blogging world at INFORMS DC, but until recently it was unclear whether I could make it to the conference (I am teaching now, and with a final exam coming up, I wanted to be sure my classes were ready). But I will be […]