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INFORMS 2016 has begun

I am guest blogging for the INFORMS Conference in Nashville.  See my first post on the new INFORMS logo and website.  

Using Analytics for Emergency Response

I just attended a great talk by Laura McLay at the German OR Society meeting in Aachen.  In her semi-plenary, Laura talked about all the work she has done in Emergency Medical Response.  Planning the location and operation of ambulances, fire trucks, emergency medical technicians, and so on is a difficult problem, and Laura has […]

In Praise of Poster Sessions

At the recent INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) conference, I was a judge for one of the days for the poster session (or “Interactive Session”, as INFORMS prefers).  As a judge, I first spent five minutes each with three participants.  After making recommendations for finalists, the entire judging panel (a dozen […]

INFORMS 2013: “Dessert? I like Dessert!”

I have posted to the INFORMS Conference blog again, this time on “Dessert? I like Dessert!”.

INFORMS Conferences and Reading the Tags

It is time again for the highlight of the operations research calendar: the INFORMS Annual meeting.  As always, I will be blogging at the INFORMS site, with a copy here.  But really: check out the INFORMS blogging site.  Lots of bloggers and lots of activity. Here is my first entry this year: The INFORMS 2013 […]

Doing work on Metaheuristics and Optimization/Constraint Programming?

I’m putting together a track at the upcoming 10th Metaheuristics International Conference. The conference will be held August 5-8, 2013 in Singapore. The conference website is The topic of the Track is Metaheuristics and Optimization/Constraint Programming. There has been a lot of work recently on combining metaheuristics with exact methods. I think it is […]

Fischetti Speeds Up Optimization with Randomness

I just got back from a very nice workshop on “Matheuristics” held outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Matheuristics is the combination of optimization and heuristics.  For instance, I talked about large scale local search for sports scheduling problems (among other things).  In this approach, portions of a sports schedule are fixed, and you optimize […]

Summer Time Travel Plans

As I sit in a jet-lagged haze in a Beijing hotel,thoughts naturally turn to …. more travel!  The opportunity to travel all around the world is a great bonus of academia.   And while I think I have taken this bonus to extremes (I am not sure academics should really be at the highest tiers […]

Cure for the Winter Blues

The weather here in Pittsburgh is finally feeling more like winter: it is a dreary, windy day, with intermittent snow. I suspect it will only get worse over the next two months. Fortunately I know a cure for the winter blues: Optimization! Optimization with the INFORMS crowd, that is, at the Fourth INFORMS Optimization Society […]

COIN-OR Cup, 2011 edition

COIN-OR is a project to spur open-source activities in operations research.  I am a big supporter of this activity, to the extent that I was part of its Strategic Leadership Board for a term until I did them an even bigger favor by stepping aside for people who could be even better at this than […]