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In South Africa

I’ve arrived in South Africa (Sandton) and am ready for the IFORS conference. I’ll try to do some posting along the way so that all you poor people who couldn’t make it here will at least have a glimpse of what is going on. First up: a day of IFORS Executive Meetings! That should put […]

First computer, now me on the mend

Now that I have the “new” computer working, I have to spend a couple of days on the mend myself:  I had surgery for a hernia on Wednesday.  My plan was to to a “live blog” on the efficiency of hospital operating procedures.  I guess I can tell you that general anesthesia works pretty well, […]

Perhaps the New Machine is Working

If you see this, rather than the previous message “This blog is moving”, this means the blog has moved, and I should be active again!  Please let me ( know of any problems.

Out of touch for a few days

It is time for us to return from our year in New Zealand.  If you want to see a few hundred pictures of our year, you can check out our New Zealand blog. We are now deep into shipping and packing.  In a fit of insanity, we decided to stop off at Disneyland for a […]

Happy Thanksgiving and a couple new additions

First, Happy Thanksgiving to any US readers. Since I am in New Zealand, my staying home on Thursday did not correspond to Thanksgiving but rather a beautiful day keeping me near the beach. Second, I’ve moved all my blog reading over to Google Reader, which allows me to add a couple things to the sidebar. […]

Happy Birthday to the Blog

This blog is now two years old. One year ago, I wrote I’ve had 92 posts (93 counting this one) in that year, which seems like a reasonable number.I’ve had about 8000 visitors to the blog, which seems pretty good. Not up with the big boys (sites like BoingBoing) with millions of visitors, but ahead […]

Numb3rs effect?

I have written before about the mathematics in the TV show Numb3rs. Some fields are seeing an effect of TV shows (forensic science has lots of interest due to the various CSI shows). Has anyone seen a Numb3rs effect in operations research? This is in response to a journalist enquiry. Let me know (either email […]

Out of touch for a bit

I’ll be out of touch for a week or two as my family and I move to New Zealand for the year, with me visiting the University of Auckland. Of course, I have a blog for our New Zealand experience too!

It is great to hear from you but…

It is great to hear from people out there interested in OR, but there are a couple types of email that I don’t like to get. I think lots of faculty have the same peeves. Jeffrey Ullman of Stanford (founder of much of database theory) has a nice page on this, which I will essentially […]

Happy Birthday to the Blog!

I started this blog on October 26, 2005. Now, after a year (and a couple of days; Ask my family: this is pretty normal for me!), it’s a good time to take stock. I’ve had 92 posts (93 counting this one) in that year, which seems like a reasonable number. The most common tags I […]