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IFORS Regional Groupings – IFORS News September 2016

As President of IFORS I write a quarterly column for its IFORS Newsletter (which I highly recommend).  This is my column for September 2016. As I write this, I have just returned from a EURO (the Association of European Operational Research Societies) conference in Poznan, Poland. It was a fascinating conference with interesting plenary sessions, […]

Operational Research and the Age of Analytics – IFORS News June 2016

As President of IFORS, I write a quarterly column on operational research issues for the IFORS News.  Here is my June, 2016 column. When I was a doctoral student way back in the 1980s, getting and using data was a tremendous impediment to finishing a dissertation. Data was precious and very difficult to obtain. Even […]

The Members of IFORS – IFORS News 2016

As President of IFORS (the International Federation of Operational Research Societies), I write a quarterly column for the IFORS News.  I am biased, but I think the newsletter is amazingly well done (thanks Elise!) and I highly recommend reading all of it.  Here is my March 2016 column. I recently received an email from some […]

The Baa-readth of Operations Research

At the recent International Federation of Operational Research Society (IFORS) meeting in Barcelona (a fabulous conference, by the way), I had the honor of being nominated as President of that “society of societies”.  If elected, my term will start January 1, 2016, so I get a bit of a head start in planning. I was […]

Don Ratliff at IFORS

So what happened to my “live blogging” at IFORS 2008? Well, unfortunately I had an administrative role at the conference (nothing like the real work of Hans Ittmann and John Bartholdi, but a role none-the-less) and that took time. And I am always a believer in the “social networking” aspects (read: hanging out at the […]

Opening Session at IFORS

After a somewhat rocky start (an electricity substation in Joburg failed, resulting in large traffic delays, so the student assistants were late so the rooms didn’t have computers on time), the IFORS conference officially opened with a fantastic opening session. Of course, I am biased, since I am on the IFORS board with responsibility for […]

In South Africa

I’ve arrived in South Africa (Sandton) and am ready for the IFORS conference. I’ll try to do some posting along the way so that all you poor people who couldn’t make it here will at least have a glimpse of what is going on. First up: a day of IFORS Executive Meetings! That should put […]

IFORS 50th

The International Federation of Operational Research Societies (IFORS) is holding a conference in a few weeks in South Africa. Part of the festivities is a celebration of the 50th anniversary of the organization. I am putting together a presentation on the history of IFORS and would very much welcome anything anyone has that might be […]

Travel to South Africa

With the upcoming IFORS meeting in Sandton, South Africa, it was disheartening to see the recent violence in South Africa.  Of course, the violence against “foreigners” was not against tourists:  it was against Zimbabweans and other non-South Africans living in the townships.  Things seem to have calmed down, and here is one recent summary of […]

IFORS 2008: Time to get your abstracts in!

I just posted this in sci.op-research and comp.constraints There is still time to get your abstracts in for IFORS 2008. IFORS (International Federation of Operational Research Societies) is an umbrella organization for national OR societies. Every three years, IFORS holds a conference. Recent past conferences have been in Edinburgh and Hawaii. In 2008, the conference […]