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IFORS Distinguished Lecturer

I am at the closing session of EURO. This year’s conference was huge with more than 2000 participants. I did attend a good amount of the conference, though Prague has its own attractions. EURO (along with INFORMS, ALIO, and APORS) have a plenary given by the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer (I chair the committee that recommends […]

On my way to Prague

I’m in the Hong Kong airport on the way from Auckland to Prague. I have about 22 more hours to go before I arrive at my hotel. It is great spending a year in New Zealand, but it is definitely a long way from anywhere! Hong Kong airport is beautiful and incredibly well organized. I […]

Looking for an Editor

International Transactions of Operational Research is looking its next editor. I chair the search committee. We just did a review of the journal, and I think it offers an interesting opportunity to the right person. The key is trying to make the journal not just a “me-too” journal, taking the rejects from higher-ranked journals. The […]

Off to Iceland!

I leave tomorrow for Iceland for the EURO 2006 conference. Busy time: in addition to the IFORS Administrative Committee Meeting, I am giving a semi-plenary on “The Society of Operations Research” (more on social capital and OR) and introducing Saul Gass as the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer. They expect more than 1700 participants at this conference, […]

Luk Van Wassenhove and IFORS Distinguished Lecturer

Luk Van Wassenhove was the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer at this year’s INFORMS conference. Here he is receiving congratulations from Tom Magnanti (right), President of IFORS. Luk spoke on “Closed Loop Supply Chains: Past, Present, and Future”. Closed-loop supply chains are those where the supply chain bringing goods from consumers back to suppliers is also important. […]

OR in Africa

There have been a couple of things I have seen recently highlighting OR in Africa. The first was a presentation by Luk Van Wassenhove on humanitarian logistics (here is an article Luk, David Kaatrud and Ramina Samii wrote about the UN Logistics Centre). While not limited to Africa, that region is certainly a key area. […]