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On the Shoulders of Giants

Yesterday I was messing around with The Mathematics Genealogy Project and I learned that Anna Nagurney, among others, is a not-so-distant cousin.  That inspired me to shoot off a couple of emails trying to trace my history farther back. To recap, my advisors were Don Ratliff and John Bartholdi.  John was a student of Don, […]

IBM, Ralph Gomory and Business Analytics

Had a post at the INFORMS Conference site on Ralph Gomory: For those of us taking a break from the INFORMS conference, the Master’s golf tournament holds special attention. Not for the golf (though the golf is wonderful), but for the commercials. Practically every commercial break has an IBM commercial featuring some of its luminaries […]

Another Operations Research Dean

Sunil Kumar, currently at Stanford, has been named Dean of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  Sunil’s research has been in manufacturing, stochastic control, queueing networks, and related areas, making him clearly an operations research person (and of course he is a member of INFORMS).  He is an area editor of Operations Research, […]

A Kiwi on the Move

I spent 2007 visiting the University of Auckland, living on the wonderful (and strange) island of Waiheke, and I have about a thousand pictures online to prove it.  We had a wonderful year, and loved the university, the island, the city, and the country.  So it is with some jealousy that I note that Tava […]

David Johnson to Receive Knuth Prize

AT&T Labs researcher David Johnson will receive this year’s Knuth Prize from the ACM “for his contributions to theoretical and experimental analysis of algorithms”.  While Johnson is best known for his NP-Completeness book with Michael Garey, he has had an extraordinarily influential career in both the theory of approximation algorithms and in research on experimental […]

Operations Rules the National Academy of Engineering!

I see from Anna Nagurney’s blog that three operations research people have been elected to the National Academy of Engineering: This group includes INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) members: Dr. Cynthia Barnhart, the Associate Dean of Engineering at MIT, Dr. Hau Lee, of the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and the […]

The Magical Places Operations Research Can Take You

Art Benjamin of Harvey Mudd College has an article in this week’s Education Life section of the New York Times where he gives ten mathematical tricks. I first met Art in the late 80s at, I believe, a doctoral colloquium sponsored by ORSA/TIMS (now INFORMS). Art was clearly a star: he won the Nicholson Prize […]

Congratulations to Tom Magnanti

Tom Magnanti has been appointed President of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore’s so-called “fourth university”.  Tom, of course, is one of the preeminent researchers and administrators in operations research.  He has written lots of influential papers and books.  His book with Bradly and Hax on Applied Mathematical Programming had a huge effect […]

Operations Research is Taking Over the World

I often have postings that so-and-so from the world of operations research has become a dean or a provost or even a university president. Somewhat more rarely, I can talk about an operations researcher as a baseball player. Operations Research can lead to lots of jobs. It can even lead to becoming Prime Minister of […]

IFORS Distinguished Lecturer Christos Papadimitriou

Christos Papadimitriou of UC Berkeley was the IFORS Distinguished Lecturer at the EURO Meeting yesterday (in the fuzzy picture, he is getting his award from IFORS President Elise del Rosario), and gave a very fine lecture on “Computing Equilibria” (and Sex, though that was not in the formal title).   The starting point for his lecture […]