IFORS 2008: Time to get your abstracts in!

I just posted this in sci.op-research and comp.constraints

There is still time to get your abstracts in for IFORS 2008. IFORS
(International Federation of Operational Research Societies) is an
umbrella organization for national OR societies. Every three years,
IFORS holds a conference. Recent past conferences have been in
Edinburgh and Hawaii. In 2008, the conference will be held in
Sandton, South Africa. Sandton is a suburb of Johannesburg, and has
outstanding conference facilities (I am a VP of IFORS, so I visited
the site two years ago). The conference is shaping up to be a very
interesting one, with an emphasis on how OR enhances and links
communities. The dates of the conference are July 13-18 and all the
info you need is at http://www.ifors2008.org

In addition to a top-notch scientific program, Sandton offers some
great outings, before, after, or during (IFORS conferences have a
traditional Wednesday outing) the conference. I particularly enjoyed
visiting Soweto as well as the “Cradle of Humankind”. I also highly
recommend visiting Cape Town (though winter weather there can be a
little dicey: there is a reason all those ships are sunk at the
Cape!). Right now, I am checking out safaris (winter is a great
time, since the animals are easier both to find and to see).

Due to restrictions at the convention center in Sandton, we won’t be
able to keep accepting abstracts after January 31, so get your
abstracts in!

If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to write

I really did enjoy the trip two years ago and am very much looking forward to this year’s conference.

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