Happy Birthday to the Blog

This blog is now two years old. One year ago, I wrote

I’ve had 92 posts (93 counting this one) in that year, which seems like a reasonable number.I’ve had about 8000 visitors to the blog, which seems pretty good. Not up with the big boys (sites like BoingBoing) with millions of visitors, but ahead of lots of sites. The visitors have provided some commentary activity (69 comments, about half from me). I only have eight other blogs linking to me (ranking the blog 316,042 at Technorati) so I need to get the blogrolling thing going better.

It is amazing the amount of spam comments that are generated. My system has protection against such comments (Akismet) and it has caught 2,205 (!) spam comments.

My posting frequency is down a little bit with 83 posts (I’d like to get it up to a consistent twice per week) ; comments are up to 123, again half from me; 20 blogs point to me putting my Technorati ranking down to 415,686.   Average visitors per month has gone from 1000 to 2000.  The big increase: I received 38,000 (!) spam comments. Unbelievable!

The best thing: we are starting to see more blogs on OR. So check out the blogroll and spread the word!

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday to the Blog”

  1. This blog and I have the same birth date. Cool 😀

    Congratulations for this blog, maybe the best OR-related one.

    Happy birthday!


  2. Happy Birthday to this blog. Great work so far!

    I had a question, Michael: does your blogroll cover all the OR or related blogs you’ve found? Just curious: am about start an OR blog myself, and wanted to see what’s around.

  3. Thanks for all the birthday greetings!

    As for the OR blogs, I am sure I don’t have them all, but I have all the ones I have come across (and remembered to enter). There are certainly a lot of “related” things (like manufacturing and distribution blogs) that I don’t include unless they look to have an OR emphasis. If there are more out there, let me know so I can include them.

  4. Happy birthday! As you stated the number of blogs on OR is growing. I started one myself. I work as an OR professional at a consultancy firm in the Netherlands and have performed al lot of projects on various subjects. The blog is about what I experience or have experienced. I haven’t found any other blog on that subject. Maybe this encourages other OR professionals to share their experience as well?

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