Google Reader and Operations Research

I has been some months now since Google has announced the end of Google Reader.  I have gone through many of the stages of grief (getting stuck at “Anger” for a while) and am now entering acceptance.

Personally, I have no problem with Feedly or one of the other readers.  But there is another aspect of Google Reader that seems harder to replace.  On my blog, I have two sidebar entries:  a “From the OR blogs”, giving recent posts from the OR Blogroll, and a listing of the OR Blogroll itself.  I think both are pretty useful since they given automatic visibility to new (and existing!) blogs in OR.  I don’t think they get a ton of use, but they are nice to have.

Google Reader provided scripts for both the recent posts and the blogroll.  I need  a replacement that

  1. Allows easy addition/deletion of blogs
  2. Show recent posts from all the blogs
  3. Can also act as my personal reader

The last requirement precludes most of the wordpress scripts (I use wordpress on a local machine to handle this blog).  I do not want to keep, say, a feedly list of blogs along with a separate “ORBlogRoll” within wordpress.

Anyone found a Google Reader replacement that can do this?

2 thoughts on “Google Reader and Operations Research”

  1. I’ve taken to using The Old Reader ( as the closest Google Reader equivalent. It is a bit sluggish, but otherwise suits my needs just fine, and (if I understand your requirements) should suit yours as well.

  2. I started scouting taptu, which has been advertising relentlessly on Reader to try to capture that market. I’ll have to check out The Old Reader and Feedly.

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