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OR in Comics

I sometimes fantasize about writing the Great American Novel (New Zealand version).  In such a novel, naturally the hero would use operations research to achieve success and insight.  But when I think about such a novel, my imagination fails me:  how can I possibly make OR interesting in the context of fiction?

She:  Oh Biff, How can we ever be together?

Biff: Well, if I just solve this Traveling Salesman Problem using Concorde, I will be there as quickly as I can.

She: My hero!

Ummm…. no.  But the comic xkcd periodically has an OR theme, like solving knapsack problems.  You know you are a nerd when you solve the instance given by the comic (hint:  they better like fruit in one solution, but the solution is not unique).

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  1. Gabriel | July 28, 2007 at 5:31 am | Permalink

    They should have used the Diet Problem in Lost. 🙂

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