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Famous OR Ph.D.s and authors?

I see that Brian May, guitarist for dinosaur rock group Queen (“Bohemian Rhapsody”, “We are the Champions”, etc.) is finishing off his doctoral dissertation in astrophysics. Nice to have something if that rock ‘n roll thing doesn’t work out.

At the recent “Georgefest” celebration of George Nemhauser’s 70th birthday, dinner conversation (for Ralph Gomory, Tom Magnanti, and me) came to “famous operations research Ph.D.s”. Of course, the interest was not those famous for OR, but famous for something else. Here is what we came up with, augmented with a bit of web search after dinner (either with a Ph.D. or with a well known OR paper):

Gates and Lamarr aren’t really OR, but they are close. There are a number of famous economists with OR backgrounds (for instance, my friend Finn Kydland, 2004 Nobel laureate is really an OR person in the guise of an economist — trust me, Finn, that is is compliment!) but economics is pretty close to OR at times. So who else has an OR PhD or a paper in the OR literature but is better known outside of our field?

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  1. Gary Carson | July 28, 2007 at 3:12 pm | Permalink

    I don’t know if he ever published anything and he had an MBA, not an OR degree, but Ken Uston of Blackjack fame had been an OR analysts. His last job as a SVP operations analyst at Pacific Stock Exchange.

    Of course Robert McNamamera had been an OR guy, but I don’t know if he ever wrote in an OR journal and he did not have an OR PhD. He taught in the Harvard Business School in 1940 and worked in the Army Air Corp Office of Statistical Control. Can’t get much more OR than that.

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