Dash in FairIsaac

“A.L.” who frequently posts on sci.op-research notes

To improve service for Xpress-MP users even further, Fair Isaac closed
Dash office in Englewood Cliffs, NJ. This is what recorded message
says when office number is called. Guys from this office are still available and working from their
basements. The question is for how long.

I sent an email to Alkis Vazacopoulos who pointed out there is a FairIsaac NY office right
across the Hudson (11.5 miles away) in Manhattan where people are working. Alkis continues to be extremely upbeat about how Dash is doing within FairIsaac. I really don’t think this rather minor office move is worth getting worked up over! After spending $32 million on Dash (admittedly a small amount of money to FairIsaac, representing 4 or 5 months of corporate earnings), I don’t think they are going to mess things up in the first six months.

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