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I had previously written about the exit of Gu, Rothberg, and Bixby from Ilog. I was curious where they would end up: Google, IBM, Yahoo? Somehow, I thought they would be together, but where? That has now been answered. Gurobi Optimization has gone live today. From their page:

Gurobi Optimization is in the business of providing robust, high-performance optimization software based upon the latest linear and mixed-integer programming technologies.

The computational progress in linear and mixed integer programming over the last twenty years has been nothing short of remarkable, enabling business, scientific and other applications that literally would have been unapproachable just a few short years ago. The Gurobi founders have been at the forefront of these developments.

The Gurobi suite of optimization products represent completely new implementations, redesigned from the ground up to fully exploit the latest mathematical and “engineering” improvements in the underlying methodologies, as well as developments in modern desktop computing hardware and programming environments; moreover, the Gurobi team is committed not just to providing the best technology now available, but to continuing to push forward the frontier of optimization solution capability.

Focused not just on the technology, Gurobi will also be introducing several new, more flexible delivery models for optimization technology, models that we believe will better serve our customers and the market in general.

I have to say that this makes me very happy. I really like CPLEX (IBM) and I really like Dash XPRESS (FairIsaac) But I really, really, really like groups of very smart, ambitious people fighting it out to see what really can be done in the field of optimization. This is great news for our field and I look forward very much to next year’s release.

added October 13. I have been asked to note that CPLEX is sold by ILOG, not IBM.  You can see some past posts on the proposed acquistion of ILOG by IBM, but that has not yet been approved by the powers that be.

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