New Blogs and Welcome Graham!

On my sidebar, I try to keep track of all the operations research oriented blogs. There are still few enough that I think I can keep a complete list (even allowing for a pretty broad view of operations research). The advantage of being on the list is that new posts on each of those blogs show up on my “From the OR Blogs”. Further, many of the posts are fodder for my twitter stream, which reaches literally dozens of people! So, if you are posting in the blogORsphere, and I don’t list you, please let me know: I am not meaning to ignore you (though if you don’t post for 2 months, you go onto my “inactive” list, so keep the posts coming).

On that note, let me welcome Graham Kendall, who has begun Research Reflections. Graham runs the MISTA conference series that will take place next in Dublin in August. Graham is a good friend of mine, even if he did dump me during a conference, forcing me to listen to a very boring lecture on art when I could have been enjoying a pint with him in a congenial pub (there were extenuating circumstances: my attention wandered during the critical “let’s get the heck out of here” moment). So I have forgiven him that, and recommend to you both his blog and the MISTA conference (of which I am part of the advisory committee, so I have some biases here).

And please check out all of the OR Blogs, and the “From the OR Blogs” in the sidebar (both of which appear if you go to the main page of this blog). There is a lot of great stuff out there.

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