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{ Monthly Archives } December 2009

Operations Research Embarrassments and the Traveling Tournament Problem

Dick Lipton of Georgia Tech has a very nice blog on the theory of computation (though it ranges broader than that). He has a fascinating post on “Mathematical Embarrassments”. A “Mathematical Embarrassment” does not refer to the mistaken proof I had in a real analysis course twenty five years ago (that still causes me to […]

Probability, Mammograms, and Bayes Law

The New York Times Magazine Ideas Issue is a gold mine for a blogger in operations research. Either OR principles are a key part of the idea, or OR principles show why the “idea” is not such a great idea after all. One nice article this week is not part of the “ideas” article per […]


Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences Annual Meeting 2010 Austin, Texas November 7-10, 2010

CP 2010

Constraint programming 2010 St. Andrews, Scotland September 6-10, 2010

PATAT 2010

Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling Belfast, Northern Ireland August 10-13, 2010

INFORMS Practice 2010

Orlando, Florida April 18-20, 2010

Dagstuhl Workshop on Computational Foundations of Social Choice

Schloss Dagstuhl March 7, 2010 – March 12, 2010

ACM Fellows 2009 and Operations Research

ACM has announced its 2009 class, consisting of 47 new fellows.  Two of the fellows (at least!) have overlaps with operations research. Andrew V. Goldberg of Microsoft Research was recognized “For contributions to fundamental theoretical and practical problems in the design and analysis of algorithms”.  Goldberg has a very nice set of codes for network […]

Say Hi! to the New INFORMS Website

INFORMS has a new website and it looks great. I was the founding editor of INFORMS Online way back in 1995, building off some preliminary work done by Jim Bean and ManMohan Sodhi. Over the years, IOL changed quite a bit but I could still see lots of the original work my original editorial team […]