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{ Monthly Archives } October 2013

In Praise of Poster Sessions

At the recent INFORMS (Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences) conference, I was a judge for one of the days for the poster session (or “Interactive Session”, as INFORMS prefers).  As a judge, I first spent five minutes each with three participants.  After making recommendations for finalists, the entire judging panel (a dozen […]

INFORMS 2013: “Dessert? I like Dessert!”

I have posted to the INFORMS Conference blog again, this time on “Dessert? I like Dessert!”.

INFORMS Conferences and Reading the Tags

It is time again for the highlight of the operations research calendar: the INFORMS Annual meeting.  As always, I will be blogging at the INFORMS site, with a copy here.  But really: check out the INFORMS blogging site.  Lots of bloggers and lots of activity. Here is my first entry this year: The INFORMS 2013 […]