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The Appeal of Operations Research and Sports

For a more recent comment on MLB scheduling and the Stephensons see my response to the 30 for 30 video. The relationship between operations research and sports is one topic that I return to often on this site.    This is not surprising:  I am co-owner of a small sports scheduling company that provides schedules to […]

Great Way to Get to The INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research

I am very much looking forward to attending this year’s INFORMS Conference on Business Analytics and Operations Research (formally the INFORMS Practice Conference).  I am a judge for the Edelmans, so I will be spending Monday watching the presentations and asking tough questions (“Wow, did you really save $200 million?  That’s so cool!”).  I’ll also […]

Programming versus Optimization

Renaming is a powerful way to show change.  Recently, I came across two colleagues who changed names.  Once did the equivalent of changing names from Michael to Michelle, signifying some very significant life changes.  The other went from a name like John Smith to Luigi Backtrend (real names changed to protect the innocent!), wanting to […]

Finding Love Optimally

Like many in operations research, my research interests often creep over into my everyday life. Since I work on scheduling issues, I get particularly concerned with everyday scheduling, to the consternation of my friends and family (“We should have left six minutes ago: transportation is now on the critical path!”). This was particularly true when […]

How Operations Research Helps Me Understand Politics and Voting

Over the years, operations research, politics, and voting have intersected often for me. Going back almost 25 years now, I have done research on voting systems. I have blogged on elections, and written about predicting results and presenting results. I have written about political leaders who were trained in operations research, and even countries run […]

First INFORMS Blog Challenge

INFORMS has announced the results of the first Blog Challenge and it is a great success.  Fourteen bloggers had a post on the subject “OR and the Holidays” (including me!).    January’s Challenge moves into current events with the topic “OR and Politics”.  If you post on that subject, be sure to email with the […]

Are You Ready to Lead INFORMS?

INFORMS is looking for a new Executive Director. This is a full-time staff position, unlike the volunteer elected positions like President and the various Vice-Presidencies. This position is one of the most important in our field, and certainly the most important job that does not require a PhD in operations research (though such a degree […]

The Great Operations Research Blog Challenge

At the recent INFORMS conference, a group of bloggORs (get it?) got together to discuss what sort of common activities we could do.  While we all read each others work, and periodically repost each others work, for the most part we work alone.  That is generally a good idea:  we each have a style to […]

Entry on “INFORMS TweetUp”

I posted on the INFORMS blog about the “INFORMS TweetUP”: There are lots of ways to get out information on the INFORMS conference.  This blog is one of them, and it has been great to see the variety of views of the conference.  Of course, with more than 4300 participants, there will be lots of […]

INFORMS Blog entry on “Overbooking, Revenue Management, and Data Mining”

I have an entry over on the INFORMS blog regarding overbooking of hotels.  Here it is, though I recommend following the INFORMS blog for the next few days: Fellow blogger Guillaume Roels wrote that the hotel he reserved overbooked, so he has been exiled to a remote location and he bemoaned the lack of customer […]