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Gary Lorden at INFORMS

Most of the time, I can recognize the plenary speakers at INFORMS conferences, at least by name. The INFORMS San Francisco (nee New Orleans) conference has a guy named Gary Lorden speaking. Gary Lorden? Who the heck is he?

It turns out Gary is the mathematical advisor for the TV show Numb3rs, a crime show whose solution is generally based on mathematics of some sort. I found a review of one of his previous lectures: it sounds like it will be a blast! All the more reason to stay through Wednesday in San Fran.

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  1. […] Numb3rs tonight had a plotline involving causing blackbouts by selectively destroying substations. At one point, the head nerd looks at a pad of paper and says “These are Dantzig-Wolfe Decompositions; network interdiction strategies.” A closeup of the pad reveals notes that look a lot like the things I do (albeit I use Dantzig-Wolfe for things like sports schedules).  The episode is entitled “Blackout” and the scene occurs about half-way through (1:25 into part 3 of the innertube version).  Thanks Gary Lorden for the shout-out to OR!  And thanks Brian Borchers for emailing me about this. […]

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