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{ Monthly Archives } October 2006

Happy Birthday to the Blog!

I started this blog on October 26, 2005. Now, after a year (and a couple of days; Ask my family: this is pretty normal for me!), it’s a good time to take stock. I’ve had 92 posts (93 counting this one) in that year, which seems like a reasonable number. The most common tags I […]

Bloggers and OR

I try to keep up with people in OR who are blogging, but even with sites like technorati, I fear I am missing some. So if you are an OR blogger, don’t hesitate to let me know directly! On that note, Scholarships around the US is offering a $5,000 scholarship for the best student blog. […]

Stockholm Prize in Criminology

Carnegie Mellon faculty member and operations researcher Al Blumstein has won this year’s Stockholm Prize in Ciminology, along with Terrie E. Moffitt. According to the prize announcement: Blumstein’s analyses of the variations in the frequency of offending in careers of active criminals in US jurisdictions have also had a global influence on justice policies and […]

Saul Gass at INFORMS

Saul Gass is one of the great people in OR. In celebration of his 80th birthday, friends and colleagues gathered in Maryland in February for a Festschrift. The book of this celebration is coming out from Springer (Amazon link given, since I can’t find it on Springer: buy it at the conference since often they […]

INFORMS Pittsburgh blog sighting

The INFORMS Pittsburgh meeting is starting to show up in the blogs (other than this one of course!). IT Professionals has a posting on Bill Pulleyblank’s plenary (“Optimization Everywhere? Five Critical Issues”) which points our the importance of our field well beyond our own boundaries.

Touring Pittsburgh and High School Teachers

With more than 2500 registrants so far, it looks like the INFORMS Pittsburgh Meeting will be a very big one. But touring Pittsburgh does not seem to be high on people’s list. If you or a guest are attending the conference and want to go on one of the guest tours, be sure to sign […]

ECLiPSe and Open Source licensing

Excellent news about ECLiPSe, the constraint programming package. It is now been open-sourced under the “Cisco-style Mozilla Public License”. For a while, I had wondered what had happened to the package. It used to be based at IC-Parc/Imperial College London, but that group disappeared all of a sudden, at least from my perspective. To see […]

EURO Management Science Strategic Innovation Prize

A lot of the entries in this blog are about significant applications of operations research in practice. EURO has a prize on Management Science Stratetic Innovation (MSSIP). Their 2007 prize will be in the area of OR/MS in Logistics. From the announcement: The prize is intended to recognize the role of Operational Research/Management Science in […]