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{ Monthly Archives } August 2007

Timetabling competition

I really like optimization competitions, having run a challenge or two in my time.  As part of the PATAT (Practice and Theory of Automated Timetabling) conference series, there will be a timetabling competition held over the next six months.  If you think you have a good approach for solving these sorts of problems, give it […]

OR and Criminal Justice

One of the great things about operations research is how generally it can be applied. Practically everything is a little better once OR gets done with it. The criminal justice system is a fine example. I’d tell you all about it, but Laura McLay in her “Punk Rock Operations Research” blog does it better than […]

INFORMS and YouTube videos

INFORMS has some videos on YouTube from the recent Edelman Awards. This is great for the field. The three videos are General OR, and the Edelman Award The 2007 Award (on more efficient ways to attack prostate cancer) A detailed video on the 2006 award (Warner Robbins on repairing planes) So far the videos have […]

Netflix Prize Update

I previously wrote about the Netflix prize: come up with a better system to recommend movies based on a large amount of data, and win $1 million. Tim Spey has a wonderful article on the dataset and the competition (though I can’t see a couple of the graphs he talks about). It is clear the […]