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Scheduling Major League Baseball

ESPN has a new “30 for 30” short video on the scheduling of Major League Baseball.  In the video, they outline the story of Henry and Holly Stephenson who provided Major League Baseball with its schedule for twenty-five years.  They were eventually supplanted by some people with a computer program.  Those people are Doug Bureman, […]

Watch the Edelmans!

I have said numerous times that the Edelman Prize presentations and papers are my favorite part of the operations research world.   It is fantastic to see and read about such great work in operations research.  The presentations often feature a Cxx of the firm.  Watching business leaders explain the importance of operations research never gets […]

Advertising Operational Research (but maybe a few updates are in order?)

The Operational Research Society (the U.K. equivalent of INFORMS) has a website about operational research (the U.K. equivalent of operations research) aimed at students and teachers called Learn about OR. This makes a great adjunct to the INFORMS site, the Science of Better, aimed at business. Lots of good examples and good advice about getting […]

Arnoff Lecture by Keeney, Having Children, and Decision Analysis

Last year around this time, I was giving the 17th Arnoff Lecture at the University of Cincinnati, which was a great thrill. This year, the Arnoff Lecturer was Ralph Keeney who spoke on “Making Informed Business, Health, and Personal Decisions”. Keeney was the author of an OR Forum Paper on how personal decisions are a […]

I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille, the Operations Research Version

If all goes according to plan, the members of INFORMS will receive an email over the next two days.  The email outlines some reasons why you should attend the upcoming INFORMS Practice Meeting (note that you need to register by April 1 in order to get a discount on the registration fee).  Part of the […]


MC Hammer gets on the analytics bandwagon.  Thanks to Stepen Baker, author of the Numerati, for the pointer.  Be sure to see Baker at the upcoming INFORMS conference where he is doing a signing on Sunday evening.  I don’t think MC will be at the conference, but you can never tell.

Pulleyblank Lecture at Georgia Tech

Bill Pulleyblank, Vice President, Center for Business Optimization, IBM (I have written about CBO before) gave a talk at Georgia Tech on April 17.   The title was “Computing, Business, and Operations Research: The Next Challenges”.  Here is the abstract:  There have been two consistent drivers over the last sixty years of the evolution of computing: […]

Ant Colonies in the Skies

“Discoveries and Breakthroughs in Science” is a producer of short TV clips on results in math and science. INFORMS is involved with them, and is seeking story ideas to pitch to them. This month’s mathematics story is about using ant colony optimization to help run an airport, with an emphasis on the gate assignment problem. […]

Wonderful OR Video, which bills itself as “the go-to place for management” has a wonderful video on operations research, with Vijay Mehrotra from San Francisco State University. Vijay writes the ever-fascinating “Was it Something I Said” column in OR/MS Today, and his site has all his past columns. In the video, Vijay gives three reasons why OR […]

Al Roth on Market Design

Al Roth is a professor at Harvard (formerly the University of Pittsburgh: I still go to his house regularly, though he isn’t there anymore) who has done a lot of work in market design. His big success was work in stable matchings, and its application to the matching system between hospitals and medical residents. This […]