I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille, the Operations Research Version

If all goes according to plan, the members of INFORMS will receive an email over the next two days.  The email outlines some reasons why you should attend the upcoming INFORMS Practice Meeting (note that you need to register by April 1 in order to get a discount on the registration fee).  Part of the email is a video featuring … me!  In my two minute schtick, I try to give you some reasons why I like the INFORMS Practice conference so much.

I found the video really hard to do.  I vacillated between spontaneous and rigid.  When spontaneous, I had enough verbal tics that it was unwatchable.  “I, um, really like the INFORMS Practice Conference, you know, um, because, um…”  Arghh!  The other extreme made me look as though madmen had captured my loved ones and were forcing me to to read their manifesto against my will.  So I tried to split the difference in the final video.  Perhaps now it looks like I am being forced to read the manifesto with a verbal tic.  As my wife said “It was fine, but you are no actor”.  Despite that, you really should think about attending the INFORMS Practice Conference:  it is inspiring to see what our field does in the real world.

If you can’t wait for the email, you can check it out here.

8 thoughts on “I’m ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille, the Operations Research Version”

  1. Nice to hear an OR-blogger. Have you thought of Vlogging?.

    PS. I can’t attend the meeting but… is there anything I can do to release your loved ones? (joking… I tried once to record one and believe, it was really un-watchable; poor my alumni).

  2. Webcasts or Video blogging has become rather popular lately. I was considering doing a podcast myself. One idea I had was to get local INFORMS chapters to record their chapter meetings that have a keynote speaker. Then mix it into a podcast. I’m sure INFORMS would like the content that could generate.

  3. I could see that this was not easy for you to do. Since they only filmed your top half, did you get away with wearing jeans? 🙂

  4. The video is great! You’re underestimating yourself. It’s a good thing you do not look like an actor, by the way – it would just make people think you’re lying!

    You almost convinced me to make some last-minute plans to go, but the fact that the deadline for the hotel rooms has just passed is bugging me a bit – the regular rate is $279 a night…

  5. Excellent! I will be judging the Edelman competition during the conference, so I will have limited blogging time. It is good to know that another blogger will be there.

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