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Brenda Dietrich “Most Creative”

Fast Company has IBM Vice President, Business Analytics and Mathematical Sciences, Brenda Dietrich as number 27 on their list of “100 Most Creative People in Business”.    Nice quote from her:

“Mathematics,” says Brenda L. Dietrich, 49, “is not mechanical. You’re finding how things look different on the surface and then seeing what they have in common underneath.”

It would be easy to put Brenda in the top 100 most brilliant or top 100 hardest working.  It takes creativity to put her as one of the 100 most creative, and it is a creativity I am delighted to see.  It can be hard to convince people that our field is primarily about creativity:  rather than paintbrushes, we use mathematics to be creative.

Thanks to the INFORMS e-news for the pointer.

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