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{ Monthly Archives } July 2010

Another Operations Research Dean

Sunil Kumar, currently at Stanford, has been named Dean of the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.  Sunil’s research has been in manufacturing, stochastic control, queueing networks, and related areas, making him clearly an operations research person (and of course he is a member of INFORMS).  He is an area editor of Operations Research, […]

A Kiwi on the Move

I spent 2007 visiting the University of Auckland, living on the wonderful (and strange) island of Waiheke, and I have about a thousand pictures online to prove it.  We had a wonderful year, and loved the university, the island, the city, and the country.  So it is with some jealousy that I note that Tava […]

Eating Better and Better Routing

For the last year or so, my wife and I have decided to eat better by doing more “real” cooking.  A great help in this has been a magazine “Real Simple“.  Every month, the magazine publishes a series of recipes, each generally requiring only 20-30 minutes of preparation time.  We like these recipes because they […]

Open source replacement for Solver in Excel

Andrew Mason, who I got to know very well during my year in Auckland, has put together an open source Excel add-in that extends Excel’s built-in Solver (a product from Frontline Systems) and replaces the underlying optimization engine with the optimization code CBC from COIN-OR.  OpenSolver allows the solving of models without limits to the […]