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{ Monthly Archives } September 2012

George Nemhauser and Laurence Wolsey win von Neumann Theory Prize

A twitter report has George Nemhauser of Georgia Tech winning the von Neumann Theory Prize from INFORMS. My dear advisor, Prof. George Nemhauser ( will be awarded the INFORMS von Neumann Theory Prize this year! #informs2012 — Rodolfo Carvajal (@rocarvaj) September 26, 2012   Turns out that you can confirm this at the online conference program:  George […]

Fischetti Speeds Up Optimization with Randomness

I just got back from a very nice workshop on “Matheuristics” held outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.  Matheuristics is the combination of optimization and heuristics.  For instance, I talked about large scale local search for sports scheduling problems (among other things).  In this approach, portions of a sports schedule are fixed, and you optimize […]

Come work at Carnegie Mellon!

I teach (and, now, administrate) in the Tepper School of Business at Carnegie Mellon University.  Unlike most engineering-oriented universities, CMU does not have an Industrial (or Systems) Engineering department, so operations research people are scattered throughout the university.  The Tepper contingent is a big one (senior faculty include Balas, Cornuejols, and Hooker) and is augmented […]