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AIMMS Contest

I can’t resist competitions in operations research.  It brings out the competitor in me, even if it is more like ESPN and sports:  I like to watch others doing the work! AIMMS (whose software I use in class) is sponsoring their second modeling competition, in conjunction with this year’s MOPTA (Modeling and Optimization: Theory and […]

Yo Trick! Where’ve you been?

I was annoyed at myself this morning when I realized that January was almost over and I had only 3 blog posts.  Since my goal is 3/week, it is clear that I am getting the year off on the wrong foot.   I could, of course, put in eight or so posts on being too busy […]

Congratulations to Tom Magnanti

Tom Magnanti has been appointed President of the Singapore University of Technology and Design, Singapore’s so-called “fourth university”.  Tom, of course, is one of the preeminent researchers and administrators in operations research.  He has written lots of influential papers and books.  His book with Bradly and Hax on Applied Mathematical Programming had a huge effect […]

Modeling as a Teachable Skill

New post on the INFORMS Blog on a panel discussion I attended on how to teach modeling: I just attended a nice “panel discussion” on Teaching the Art of Modeling, put together by Jim Orlin (MIT), Stephen Powell and Rob Shumsky (both from Dartmouth).  This was not your normal INFORMS session!  The panelists decided to […]

Best Place for Undergraduate Engineering?

No, I am not going back to get a bachelor’s degree (actually, only my graduate degrees are in industrial engineering:  my bachelor’s is in math and computer science, so maybe I should go back!).  The son of a colleague of mine is planning to take engineering and wonders where to go. In my mind, one […]

Operations Research Key to MBAs

Stacy Blackman, in the blog “Back to B-School”, has a short summary of the ideas of Matthew Stewart, author of The Management Myth, a book highly critical of of the world of MBA education. Since I primarily teach operations research in the Tepper MBA program, I was heartened by Stewart’s views: While Stewart believes that […]

Advice to Doctoral Students

Noah Snyder, a doctoral student in mathematics at Berkeley, has a wonderful post on how to be a successful doctoral student (I lost track on where I saw this:  if it is from an OR blog, please let me know so I can give credit Thanks to Yiorgos Adamopoulos for his tweet on this).  While […]

Autism and enthusiasms

The New York Times has an article on “Reaching an Autistic Teenager” describing an approach for teaching autistic kids, who generally are extremely self-absorbed and difficult to reach. The approach, where teachers and students alike work out how the day will go, with students learning to learn and to interact, sounds fantastic: I would have […]

Closing of the Florida International University Industrial and Systems Engineering Department

Florida International University is planning to shut down 17 degree programs, including industrial and systems engineering. I have good feelings for FIU, since my first doctoral graduate took a position there (in the business school; he has long since moved on), but it is shocking that a popular and important degree such as IE would […]

Change in attire

Since today was The first working day after classes ended last week, and Warm and sunny in Pittsburgh, I went to work in shorts and sandals. In honor of this, I would like to direct your attention to an article in Inside Higher Ed by Erik M. Jensen entitled “A Call for Professional Attire“. In […]