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Car Talk and TSP Paths

On the suddenly hot topic of the Traveling Salesman Problem (see here and here), this week’s Car Talk puzzle is a TSP-like problem (though it is really a graph theory problem: the hamiltonian path problem to be exact). The company that Bobo works for just finished a new product. They wanted to promote it across […]

16 Clue Sudokus

I am sure everyone has seen Sudoku puzzles:  it was quite a fad a few years ago.  The puzzle begins with an 9×9 grid, partially filled with numbers from 1 to 9 (the “givens”).  The goal is to complete the grid so that that every row, column, and the nine 3×3 subgrids in the corners […]

Operations Research, Sudoko, Rogo, and Puzzles

A few years back, Sudoko became a craze with seemingly everyone spending their time solving these puzzles.  The puzzle is quite simple:  take a nine by nine grid, partially filled in with numbers from one to nine, and complete it so that every row, column, and non-overlapping 3×3 square contains the numbers one through nine […]